• The Terrace
    It has been a little over two (2) months since we moved into our space at the above referenced location.

    John B. Adams President and CEO
  • Carmel Park
    Their engineer went above and beyond what we could have expected to ask for. CapRidge has been great responding to tenants. Tenants are encouraged that things are changing or the better.

    Pulte Homes
  • Carmel Park
    I have been really impressed with the new owners and management: they are proactive, and we have noticed immediate changes. Everyone is very responsive to any request.

    Allen Lund Company, Inc.
  • Carmel Park
    CapRidge is a breath of fresh air. The message is - You are a priority, We are taking care of you. I can not emphasize enough how everyone is going - Wow, these people mean business! I mean, everyone is talking about it. Even the folks who have been here for 15 years.

    Commercial Defeasance
  • Canyon at Wild Basin
    I just wanted to mention that the improvement in the building, the vestibule, and wider parking spots are very welcome and way over due. The building has never looked nicer. I have been here going on 7 years. I also would like to thank Bryan for his immediate responses to any maintenance problems we have had that Harry took care of. They both are great to work with and have been very attentive to our many needs. It has indeed been a pleasure working with all of you.

    David L. Johnston
    Paralegal to Charles E. Morse
    Downs&Stanford, P.C
  • Canyon at Wild Basin
    Dear Bryan,
    As you know, our firm occupies Suite 106 at 115 Wild Basin. I am writing to brag on your building superintendent, Harry Feliciano.
    We have been a part of 115 Wild Basin under two management firms and two building superintendents, There is really no comparison., Mr. Feliciano is typically at our building very early when I arrive and always shares a warm and friendly greeting. He always delivers prompt results when routine building maintenance issues occur. Last week, I brought a small water leak and stained ceiling tile to Mr. Feliciano's attention. It was immediately corrected. He also possesses impressive technical experience when it comes to larger issues such as inadequate balancing of the HVAC, malfunctions of septic, electrical or lighting systems. Our former management company and building superintendent allowed these problems to recur and linger. CapRidge and Mr. Feliciano promptly corrected problems with the septic system and has been very responsive and successful in addressing HVAC and electrical issues.
    On behalf of our firm and our neighbors, I commend Harry Feliciano for his dedicated service to our building and our team.
    I sincerely appreciate your accessibility and effective leadership on behalf of CapRidge Partners.

    Warm regards,
    Blake G. Powell
    Powell & Leon, LLP
  • Briar Forest
    I have been meaning to email you all week to tell you how beautiful the lobby is here at Briar Forest Crossing. It makes me want to put my feet up, have a little Christmas Cheer and listen to my favorite Christmas music!!!!
    It makes me smile when I come up from the garage and see how gorgeous it looks!

    Thank you for all of it!!!! I need the name of the company you used my holiday decorations are blah compared to the lobby!

    Have a wonderful rest of your day!

    Deb Jennings Corporate Office Manager
    US Physical Therapy Inc
  • Canyon at Wild Basin
    As you know, our firm occupies Suite 106 at 115 Wild Basin. I am writing to brag on your contractor, Structura.

    I have been very pleased with the progress Structura has made with the renovations it has performed at our building. As an occupant with an ongoing business that requires professional clients to visit us, it is important to us that our workplace be kept in a tidy condition that permits us to operate our business. Structura has done a very good job in both completing tasks in a timely manner and it deserves recognition for the excellent job they have done leaving their work area clean and serviceable for our firm and our professional neighbors. I was particularly impressed with the speed of the masons in the covered parking area. They completed the block walls within a day or so and removed all excess materials and building debris within one business day. The electricians have also been very accommodating throughout this entire process.

    I sincerely appreciate your accessibility and effective oversight of these renovations.

    Warm regards,

    Blake G. Powell
    Powell & Leon, LLP
  • Canyon at Wild Basin
    I want to take a minute to say THANK YOU!!
    The parking lots are phenomenal. The new paint and the restrooms are great.
    I am a road warrior and not in my office very often and WOW what a significant improvement.

    It is really appreciated.

    Janice Johnson
    VP Managed Care
    Creative Solutions In Healthcare
  • Canyon at Wild Basin
    Please send this to your owners or the powers that be..

    You and your team are absolutely night and day from the previous ownership and management group. Harry is absolutely fantastic and his customer service is off the charts. He aims to please and does, every time. The cleaning crew does a fantastic job. When it is an issue that Bryan has to deal with, it is done professionally. He takes care of our concerns while making sure he is doing right by all the tenants. I am very thankful that you guys have taken over and if you ever need a reference, don't hesitate to use me. Thank you again.


    Joe Devine
    President & CEO
    Cloud [8] Sixteen, Inc.
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